‘Beautiful, beautiful’ photo captures moment of floodlights and flash from a plane on the tarmac

A photo taken from the front of a plane at a Toronto airport shows a light emitting from the window as it approaches.

The photo was captured by photographer Ryan Moore and posted to Twitter by an aviation enthusiast who said he had flown to Toronto from Florida and was flying to Las Vegas to meet friends.

Moore said he was waiting for his flight when the lights came on.

“I saw a light in the window,” he wrote.

“The flight attendants looked at me and said, ‘What is that?'”

He said the light was a flashbulb and it shone through a small window in the plane, which was on the runway.

“The pilot said it was a strobe light,” Moore said.

“When I looked down I noticed a flash bulb sticking out of the window, like a flashlight.

I thought it was the flashbulbs that were shining out of it.”

He said he then looked outside the plane and saw “a bunch of white lights.”

“When the lights went out, I knew that was a flasher,” he said.

Moore said he has seen this before in the airport.

“A plane can be in the sun for a long time without it being noticed,” he explained.

“I was amazed to see that it was happening so often.”

Moore said that his experience was unusual, given the nature of his business.

“It was really neat that it happened to me in my backyard,” he added.

Moore’s plane is owned by the Calgary International Airport, which operates a fleet of planes that can take off and land from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

He said that he is not surprised that the lighting on his plane came on, given how much time he spent in the cockpit before the flight.

“In general, I’m a very busy person,” he told CBC News.

“In the cockpit, you have so much to do.”

A spokesperson for the airport said in a statement that “a few lights on a plane are a fairly common occurrence, but the lights were not on a flight from Florida to Las Vega, which takes place every two weeks.”

We have a fleet that has flown to Las Cruces, New Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona, and the majority of our flights are scheduled for the end of March.

“Moore did not immediately respond to a request for comment.