How to install the best LED lights in your home

If you’ve ever been tempted to throw out your old lighting in favour of LED, you might be interested in the latest news about LEDs.

There’s still a lot of controversy around the technology, which can actually make a difference in a home’s appearance, but it’s becoming more accepted in the industry.

One of the biggest problems with LED is that it can cause serious damage to a light switch wiring system.

You may have heard that people can cause a switch to turn on and off by accidentally touching it.

This can happen even if you’ve put in a switch in the wrong position, or if you’re using a bad-fitting switch.

Switching is also one of the main reasons why LEDs can fail to work properly, which is why some home improvement stores have started selling them.

You can find the best switches to get the most out of your lighting in our guide to light switch accessories.

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