New research links dark circles to health problems

By LINDSAY BERMAN Associated PressLight circles and light switches are popular household light fixtures, but new research suggests that their exposure can damage the eyes.

Researchers in Sweden analyzed eye health data from more than 1,000 people to find that people with dark circles had higher rates of developing retinal degeneration and chronic retinal disease, which are the most common causes of eye disease in adults.

The study also found that people who wore light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs had higher risk of developing dark circles and chronic eye disease.

LED bulbs, which use a small amount of electricity to light a device, can produce far more light than incandescent bulbs, or fluorescent bulbs, and are considered safe.

But they emit harmful light that can cause damage to the retina and other tissues in the eye.

The study authors say it’s not clear if the light emitted by LED bulbs can cause health problems like retinal damage, but they say it should be considered a potential risk factor.

A light-purifying material called an LED light switch covers the bulb, which makes it more difficult for the light to enter the eye, and makes it easier for light to pass through the retina, which helps prevent the formation of retinal dark circles, or “black spots,” that cause the eye to gradually lose its brightness.

People who have dark circles have lower levels of the eye’s protective pigment melanin.

If dark circles develop, they can lead to macular degeneration, blindness and other eye conditions.

People with darker eyes also have a higher risk for other eye diseases, such as macular detachment, or retinal detachment, the researchers said.

The researchers said the results suggest that the use of LED lights is safe, but that there may be risks to the public that must be considered in light bulbs’ safety guidelines.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said the agency is working to determine whether LED lighting can cause any health effects, including whether the lighting can be used safely for people with diabetes.

The agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the study.

A report published last year by researchers at the University of California at San Francisco suggested that LED lighting may not be safe for people whose eyes are dark.

That study said that people should not be using light bulbs in the home for the duration of their lives because the light can be harmful to the eyes, particularly for people who have had retinal surgery or are developing retinopathy, a disease of the blood vessels that causes blindness.

The authors of that study said it was difficult to determine how much risk the LED lights posed to the health of people with darker-eyed people because they didn’t collect data on the number of times people used them or how long they used them.

The researchers didn’t include data from people who had never used light bulbs, such the elderly or people who didn’t wear masks.

Be a light Source Wired

A lighting device that can be plugged into the wall and controlled from a smartphone, tablet or computer would be a breakthrough that would enable home automation, a technology that has been under development for more than a decade.

Wired recently featured a device called the Be a Light Source that it claims could revolutionize the way people interact with lights.

The product was developed by company Wac Light and has a battery life of up to 20 hours.

The company said it plans to launch the device next year.

In its pitch to the U.S. Consumer Electronics Show, Wac said the Be A Light Source would let you control your home from a mobile phone or computer.

The device is made of plastic and can be attached to walls, ceiling or ceiling fans or walls that have been covered with a light sensor.

If the device is placed under a wall that has not been covered by light, it will activate automatically and the user can control the light in real time.

In the event of a blackout, the device will provide an audible alert and light will be turned off.

If a device is attached to a wall and the wall is dark, the user will also have to turn on the lights, the company said.

The Be A Lightsource, which the company has been testing in its lab, will be a part of a larger program of light-sensing devices that will be made available to consumers and other companies as part of the Consumer Electronics show next week.

The project is based on the work of a number of companies, including a company called LightSensing and an Australian company called Sensible Light Systems.

In addition to Wac, Sensible is developing a light-emitting diode, which is similar to a light bulb.

It is also working on a product called LED-Light that will allow homeowners to control lighting remotely with a smartphone or tablet.

Wac is also developing a smartphone app that will let you send and receive alerts through text messages.

And it is working on another product called LightSense that will provide a home automation app to the consumer.

The Wac product was also featured in Wired’s article on the company’s lightsourcing project.

‘Luxury’ dashboards will feature smart technology

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