Light fury: How you can protect yourself from a potential solar storm

The world has been hit by a potentially solar storm for the second time in the past month.

That’s a number of people have been dead, with hundreds injured and more than 2 million affected, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

The latest storm, which has been dubbed a “light fury”, hit on Wednesday evening and lasted a little over two hours, before dissipating into the night.

This time, it caused power outages across the southern half of Australia and was felt as far away as New Zealand, according the Australian Emergency Management Agency.

On Thursday, the Australian Space Agency released a statement saying the storm was “partly a solar flare event”.

It said the storm had caused “several hours of high winds and thunderstorms” but the Australian Federal Police were on the scene to investigate.

“At this time, there are no reports of injuries or damage to buildings,” the agency said.

With the sun in its brightest position, the storm is expected to become even stronger over the next few days.

Solar storms are not uncommon and are not always associated with violent storms, with the most recent one being a deadly one that killed more than 400 people in France in 2015.

A light fury is an extremely powerful solar storm, and it can occur at any time of the year, and lasts for a little more than an hour, depending on how far the sun is from the Earth.

It can also cause a flash storm, a series of bright, orange auroras that can be seen for several hours.

But for now, the most severe of the solar storms has been a “very mild” solar flare, which is defined as a solar storm with a total intensity of about one tenth of a solar maximum.

Light fury is a very rare event, with about 20 light fury events occurring per year, according data from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

At least 20 solar storms are expected to develop in the coming weeks, and the next solar storm is due to hit in mid-March.

While the Australian solar storm was not particularly severe, it is a significant event for Australia and could cause significant disruption for businesses, which will need to shut down.

Australia’s Prime Minister has ordered businesses to be ready for the worst and has ordered a nationwide shutdown of public transport, as well as a range of other measures.

He said in a statement: “This storm has been declared a ‘light fury’ which means it is not as severe as it could be.

This means the government is taking the precautionary step of shutting down major public transport systems in the state.”

The Queensland government has also ordered that roads be closed from Townsville to Ipswich.

In the New South Wales state of Victoria, schools are closed, with some businesses being closed for the day.

Police and fire services are also in the area.

Victoria has been warned that a “potential solar flare-related event” could be coming, which could affect large parts of the state.