Trump to announce plans for ‘bigger, better’ wall on US-Mexico border

President Donald Trump plans to unveil a “bigger and better” wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, which he hopes will make life easier for some undocumented immigrants.

Trump will make the announcement Tuesday during an address at the United Nations, The Associated Press reports.

The announcement will mark the president’s first official visit to the nation’s border since taking office in January.

The trip is expected to draw bipartisan praise from lawmakers and some border advocates, who say Trump has shown that he has the resolve to confront the problem of illegal immigration with action.

In addition to announcing a plan to build a wall along Mexico’s southern border, Trump also said he will ask Congress to authorize $1.6 billion for a wall on the U:Mexico border.

Trump said he would ask Congress for the money because it would be used to repair and upgrade a wall he says he has built along the border.

Trump said he wants to have the wall built in the next two to three years.

The president’s plans come after Trump announced last month that he would send a large group of Border Patrol agents to patrol the border in the coming weeks.

Trump announced in March that he is ordering the Department of Homeland Security to begin a massive increase in enforcement and hiring.

The president said he was ordering the increase to make sure the border is secure.

The announcement of a wall comes as Trump has been trying to get the country to pay for a $1 trillion border wall.

Trump has repeatedly promised to pay a portion of the cost of the border wall, even though Congress has not appropriated the money.

Trump also has promised to build the wall along with his administration.

But his administration has been struggling to get federal grants and loans to build prototypes and has had to scramble to find private investors to build and finance the prototypes.