UK faces Brexit talks with ‘no deal’ on farm exports

The UK faces a “no deal” Brexit, with its farmers having to leave the UK for the first time, with many worried about the impact of a “disastrous” Brexit on their industry, a report has found.

The British Government has said it wants to see a “fair deal” for the UK farming industry.

But it has also repeatedly said it is committed to maintaining free trade with the EU.

Farmers have already left the country over fears of Brexit, as they fear a no deal Brexit would mean their products would no longer be exported.

The report, from the Royal Agricultural Society, said: “While it may be tempting to blame the current uncertainty for the high number of farmers leaving the UK, the actual impact of Brexit on the UK’s agriculture industry is more complex than this.”

It said the UK had a “limited” role in setting the EU’s farming standards, and the UK was not “a signatory to the European Convention on Trade in Services”.

It added: “If the UK were to leave without a trade agreement, the UK would be required to negotiate its own trade agreements with other countries to ensure we have a trade relationship that meets the needs of our agriculture sector and the rest of the global economy.”

This is a very complex task, and we will be exploring this with the Government, businesses and stakeholders as we prepare for the next Government’s negotiations with the European Union on the trade deal.””

This will be an extremely challenging task, but there is a chance we can come out of it with a strong trade deal,” said Dr Sarah Rowntree, director of research at the Royal Academy of Agricultural Sciences, which wrote the report.”

We know that the UK can be a good partner in the EU, and it is important that we do not lose this opportunity.

“The report makes clear that the Government is committed not just to maintaining our trade relationship with the UK but to ensuring that farmers can continue to have access to the UK market.”

“The UK has a limited role in the negotiations on the Brexit negotiations, but it has a responsibility to ensure that the interests of UK farmers are protected,” she added.

The UK is expected to announce its Brexit negotiating strategy on Tuesday.