NHL Stars to open new $50 million facility in St. Louis NHL News

A new $75 million NHL facility in the St. Paul suburb of Duluth will open this summer.

The project, which is expected to generate $50.3 million in annual revenue for the NHL, was announced Thursday by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and St. Paddy’s Ice Arena officials.

The arena’s current location is in Minneapolis.

The arena will include a $25 million hockey-specific scoreboard, which Bettman said will be replaced with a new, $25.4 million video board that will include an NHL video screen, a new digital scoreboard, and a new scoreboard that will be a $50,000 upgrade from the existing scoreboard.

The new scoreboard will be located on the east side of the building, adjacent to the rink.

The new scoreboard, the new video board and the scoreboard upgrade are all part of the new Duluth Convention Center, which will be the first of its kind in the NHL.

It will also be the largest single development project in the region.

“This is a very significant project,” said Commissioner Gary Bettmann, who called the project “historic.”

“We are bringing hockey back to Duluth and we are creating the largest development of its type in the country.”

The new Dulce Center will have an NHL-branded scoreboard, as well as a video scoreboard, digital scoreboard and scoreboard upgrade.

The Dulce Ice Arena, located near the University of Minnesota Duluth campus, is the only privately financed arena in the United States that uses a high-definition video scoreboard.