The best Christmas lights for 2018

In 2018, the festive season in Melbourne is back with a whole host of new lights that you’ll want to turn on and off, whether it’s the Christmas lights you’ve got hanging on the wall, or the holiday lights that are being installed on your house.

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Here are the best Christmas lighting installations in 2018 for you to enjoy this Christmas season.


The Hanging Christmas Lights – Melbourne’s Hanging Lights are located in the inner suburb of Carlton and are one of the most popular Christmas lights in Melbourne.

They’re not only the perfect addition to any home, but are also great for a fun and festive evening.

They look great and make great gifts.

There are some other Christmas lights available, so check out the links below to find out more.

They are located at Carlton Townhouse and Carlton Village.

They have more than 200 lights including a lot of decorative lights that give you a variety of ideas to use them.

The lights have been installed for a number of years, so there are many variations to choose from, so it’s a great option for Christmas decoration.

They also have an indoor installation, but that’s not for everyone.

If you do want to go indoor, it’s worth checking out their indoor installation or the indoor Christmas lights.

They only install a few different styles of Christmas lights to suit your individual style of decorating.

They use recycled paper that’s made in Australia, and are also environmentally friendly.

The price of the Hanging lights is $1,500 and is not covered by the State Government.

You can book online through their website.


The Under Cabinet Lighting – The Under cabinet lighting in Victoria’s outer suburbs are located across the street from a shopping centre and are a popular choice for Christmas decorations.

They come in all different styles, but they all have a common theme of making your home feel like it’s under the Christmas tree.

They can be used in a variety different ways and are very popular with people looking to change up their Christmas decorating scheme.

They cost $1 and up, so you can pick them up in the outer suburbs.


The Car Park Christmas Lights The car park Christmas lights are also available at Victoria’s inner suburbs, but there are some differences to look out for.

The Christmas lights come in different styles and you can check out their installation or browse through their Christmas light catalog.

The car Park Christmas lights feature a large number of Christmas decorations and are made in Victoria.

They offer a range of options for Christmas decor, from classic Christmas lights and lanterns to decorative lighting and more.

The prices of the car Park lights vary, but for a large selection you can book a package that includes the car park lights and other Christmas decorations to make your Christmas decorations feel more festive.


The Holiday Lighting System – The Holiday lighting system is a large installation in the heart of Melbourne.

It was started in 2009, and has since become a permanent fixture on most Victorian streets.

It features a large assortment of Christmas trees and lights for all seasons.

The decorations are all placed on a large tree on top of a car park and are installed at regular intervals.

The system is usually set up for just a few hours a year, so don’t forget to look for them if you are in Melbourne’s inner inner suburbs.

They make great Christmas decorations too, and they can be seen on a lot more streets in the suburbs, especially those near the Yarra River.

It’s also worth checking the holiday lighting catalog to see which Christmas lights look most like your own, so if you’re in the Melbourne CBD, it would be a great way to look around.


Christmas Lights and the New Year’s Eve Party – The Christmas Lights in Victoria are a great alternative to Christmas decorations for the New Years Eve party.

There is a huge selection of Christmas decor to choose and they are available for purchase in various styles.

The decor can be made in many different styles too, but the most common styles include traditional Christmas lights, lights made from recycled paper and other festive decorations.

These lights can be installed on a variety types of Christmas windows, so they can also be used to decorate other areas.

They don’t have a fixed price, so try to look at the price before you go looking for them.

They all come with a variety in decorations and there is a variety to choose for different parties.

They may also be a good option for parties that are taking place in Melbourne on New Years Day.

You’ll be able to get more than one Christmas light installed for the party, so make sure you get them all before you leave the house.


The New Year Christmas Lighting System in Melbourne The New Years Christmas lights system is located in one of Melbourne’s CBDs, the City of Yarra, and it’s been around for more than five years.

The installation takes place in the city centre of Yarranne.

They’ve got a large variety of Christmas light styles and