Lowes Lighting Source Newsweek

According to a survey by Lowe’s Lighting Supply, the company is considering switching its high-end lighting from LEDs to more efficient light bulbs.

The survey of about 500 consumers found that 35% of respondents would prefer to have low-energy bulbs, while the other 29% would prefer a more efficient system.

Lowe’s said that switching to LEDs would cost the company $300 million, and that it was not making any financial decisions about which type of bulbs it would choose.

“We’re not making a final decision on our light bulb sourcing at this time, but our goal is to move to a more sustainable approach that would benefit our customers,” a Lowe’s spokesperson said.

Lowes is also exploring using bio-based technology to produce low-cost LED lighting, which the company said it would likely start using in the future.

The company said the bio-technology would be able to be produced at the same time as the lighting technology and produce more energy per bulb.

According to the survey, the average consumer spends about $1,000 on lighting annually, but the company expects that figure to increase to $2,000 by 2025.

Lowe’s said it was working with energy-efficient LED bulbs makers like LG, Panasonic, Philips, and Samsung, which it said it had invested in research and development.

Lowels lighting supplies are widely used in high-profile buildings and high-traffic locations around the country.

Lowe Lighting said in March that it plans to invest $1 billion in its Lighting Supply business in 2020.