5-year-old girl found alive in Texas woods

A 5-month-old child who was found dead in a wooded area in a Texas town has been identified as Ashley Dyer, a former employee of a landscaping company, the sheriff’s office said Thursday.

Ashley was found Tuesday evening near a creek near her home in Tamaulipas, according to the Tamauli County Sheriff’s Office.

The child was reported missing at 3:45 p.m.

Wednesday, according the sheriff.

She had not been seen since that night.

Tamaula County Coroner Dr. John Gaskin said the child died of blunt force trauma.

Ashley’s death comes as the Toms River, home to about 30,000 people, continues to be a hot spot for crime, especially for homicides.

The town of about 2,000 was last week designated a Hot Spot, which means it is the safest place to live in Toms Basin.

It is also a destination for tourists and residents who come to spend the weekend.

The sheriff’s department was notified Wednesday afternoon of Ashley’s body.

The department’s Homicide Unit is now investigating the circumstances surrounding her death.

The area where Ashley’s remains were found is located on the south side of the Tomaulipa River.

A Tamaulli County Sheriff helicopter flew over the area Wednesday morning and located the body of Ashley Dye, according a Tamaulu County Sheriff statement.

Ashley Dyers mother, Trisha, posted a message on social media about Ashley’s sudden death.

She said Ashley was the only child in her home and that her life was so hard and her heart so full of love and joy that she would never stop fighting for the little girl she loves so much.

The Tamaulsa County Sheriff says Ashley’s mother, who has been missing since March 11, has been located and was located safe.

She was last seen in a car on March 12 in Tamasula, Tamaulla County Sheriff Jim Brown said in a statement.

He added that Ashley was an avid outdoorsman and that the family has been in contact with her.

Ashley has been a mother to two children, including a daughter named Brianna.

The coroner’s office will determine if Ashley was sexually abused or if there was any other trauma to her body, the statement said.

Ashley is survived by her mother and two older sisters.

The Sheriff’s office says Ashley Dyrys death is under investigation by the Tumas River Police Department and the Tuba County Coroners Office. Read more