When the sun comes up in Ireland: the time for a sun bath

The time for sun baths has come again in Ireland and that’s because the heat is on in the capital.

The sun has been shining all week but it’s not all sunny.

There are no sunburns, no blisters and no sun damage.

The sunshine will come back in the coming days as Ireland celebrates St Patrick’s Day with a full moon on Sunday.

It’s one of many benefits to the country, as the country is blessed with many other natural resources.

In the past, the sun was more often the reason for a full or partial moon.

But this year, there will be no sun in the sky and that will mean the time to enjoy a sunbath will be a bit sooner.

On Wednesday, St Patrick is due to celebrate the day when he became a saint, and will celebrate with a candlelight vigil in Dublin.

Dublin has been experiencing its annual winter storm, but this year it will be the perfect time to sunbathe and enjoy the view.

Dublins sunshine will be reflected on the city’s famous Golden Gate Bridge.

The city will be lit up with the sun on Wednesday night with the city lights illuminating the water and the water reflecting the light of the sun.

Dubliners first sunrise will be at 7:15am on Thursday and the light will be visible from the north of the city.

The light of St Patrick will be shining through the Golden Gate bridge as it will reflect the sun into the city centre.

Dubliner city lights will shine through the golden gates of Dublin on St Patrick`s Day.

The Dublin skyline will be illuminated with a bright blue light on St Patricks day.

Dub’s Golden Gate will be open to the public on St Paddy`s day as the lights of the Golden gate will be flashing across the skyline.

The golden gate bridge will be turned into a sunbathing spot.

The view from the Golden gates will be spectacular as the sun will reflect off the water in the Golden gateway and it will glow red as the city rises.

The City of Dublin will be lighting up the Goldengate bridge with the golden gate lights illuminating it on St Patty`s.