How a pair of new Samsung LED lights can light up the field for an NFL game

With the NFL’s season in full swing, we can now expect to see a lot of big-time football action.

So, it’s only fitting that we start to see NFL players lighting up the football field during the game.

And, according to a recent report from the Associated Press, one NFL player, running back Arian Foster, has done just that.

In a video of Foster and the other players lighting the field during a preseason game, you can see Foster throwing a pass that appears to catch a ball at the sideline.

The video shows the ball flying toward the end zone with Foster looking on.

You can see a similar ball with another receiver in the video above, and then the ball goes up to a teammate, who catches it.

Foster then throws it back to his receiver, who then throws the ball back to the endzone, with Foster watching it all.

Foster has been known to use his arm to catch balls, and the video doesn’t seem to show any signs of him catching any of the balls thrown by the other receivers.

If anything, the video seems to show him trying to catch the ball as he throws it to the other receiver.

It’s not clear what the ball is that Foster is looking at, but Foster’s arm is definitely visible as he tosses it.

The ball itself is not shown, so it could be a ball that was thrown to him, or it could have been caught by someone else.

In either case, Foster seems to be trying to make the catch, but he seems to lose the ball.

In other words, Foster is clearly trying to throw the ball to a receiver, and he does lose the throw.

That’s not unusual for a running back, as he often throws the football to receivers after he has run out of the end-zone, or at the end of a drive.

Foster’s lack of a catch could be due to the fact that he doesn’t have the ball on him when he throws the pass, and it could also be that the receiver did not catch the throw, and Foster simply took it back for a score.

If this is the case, this could be an indication that Foster has not caught the ball, and that he’s just trying to get the ball out of bounds.

Either way, it seems Foster has gotten a little carried away, and is trying to take a catch.

But that’s not a good look, and we don’t know what the receiver is trying, or if he even caught the pass.

This could be something that happens every once in a while, but not in Foster’s case.