Trump: I ‘misspoke’ when asked about the border crisis

President Donald Trump on Wednesday defended his comments that Mexico should pay for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and defended his campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again.”

In an interview with MSNBC, Trump said he had “misspoke” in a speech he gave last month about a wall on the U.-Mexico frontier and how Mexico should “pay for it.”

Trump said he would use “some very good ideas” to secure the border but that the U-S.-Mexican border was the only border that he was going to secure.

“I think that if we had a wall, you wouldn’t be talking about it,” Trump said, using the term “border wall.”

“If you have to, we have a border wall.

And if you want to have a fence or something, well, it would have to be built,” he said.”

But I’m not going to make any promises.”

Trump made his remarks after MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked the president whether he meant that the wall he has proposed should be built.

“Yeah, but the wall is only going to be a border fence,” Trump responded.

“It’s not going be a wall,” Hayes said.

Trump, speaking at the White House on Wednesday morning, said the border problem is “not a border problem” and that the country needs to “build a wall.”

The wall proposal, which Trump has floated in the past, has drawn sharp criticism from Democrats and some Republicans.

Trump and his team have defended the plan, calling it a cost-effective and feasible approach that would secure the U,T-Mexico border.

Trump has repeatedly said Mexico should reimburse the U.,T-Mexican government for building the wall.

Trump also has defended his stance against immigration reform, saying his administration would be able to keep millions of illegal immigrants out of the country if it is passed.