What do you think of the new Apple TV?

It’s not the first time Apple has launched a new TV set, but it’s not going to be the last.

The Apple TV, which debuted in July of 2015, is now set to go into mass production and launch sometime in early 2020.

The new Apple television is expected to offer more than just the standard set of features: It will also offer an app store, support for Siri, and more.

The company also plans to support a variety of new services, including Siri-powered virtual reality and a subscription-based service that will allow you to buy movies and other content.

Apple is also expected to make a few changes to the Apple TV interface, though it’s unlikely that we’ll see any significant changes until later in the year.

The redesigned Apple TV will feature more of a physical design than the previous model.

The new model will include a 5.5-inch display, and will also include a new, slightly smaller 5K display that should be more convenient to hold in one hand.

The 5K panel is expected on the Apple Cinema Display 4K display in late 2020, and it will be able to deliver 4K video at 30 frames per second.

The Apple TV also includes a larger wireless antenna, as well as a new version of the Siri Remote.

The remote will also support Siri voice commands, though Siri will be limited to just two commands per day.

The Siri Remote will also be able handle more complex Siri tasks, such as ordering a movie on iTunes, and launching apps from the Siri remote.

The redesigned AppleTV will support a number of new features, such a remote that can be used for home automation, and Siri that will be smarter and smarter, with more features and a better voice recognition engine.