Trump to unveil black light poster campaign

The White House announced Wednesday that the president is slated to unveil a campaign poster featuring black light from the 1960s to raise money for the National Endowment for the Arts and other government programs.

The ad, which will be released Wednesday night, is a rebranding effort for the arts.

The White Houses office of digital, social media and partnerships released the poster, titled “For Our Future,” to coincide with the National Arts Month, the first weekend in November.

The poster will be available for purchase online and through various retailers.

The announcement came a day after the president made his first major campaign appearance since the election, delivering a speech at the U.S. Capitol in which he touted his administration’s efforts to help disadvantaged students, students with disabilities and others.

“We’re here to help all Americans and all Americans alone,” he said, speaking about the effort to improve the economy and strengthen communities.

“As a father, as a husband, and as a grandfather, I know the pain of people struggling in this country.

I know what it feels like to feel like nothing matters.

So I’m here today to show you how I’m doing my part to make our country a better place.”

He also promised to invest $5 billion in arts and cultural programs.

The Trump administration has a long history of making arts and entertainment campaigns.

In 2016, for instance, the Trump administration unveiled a campaign video featuring a series of black-and-white images of the Statue of Liberty and the U of T’s campus.

The image included a voiceover explaining the importance of the arts in the country.